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Courtney Alexandria is a Certified Tea Specialist (WTA), and the founder of Candid Tea, a wellness brand that offers solutions inspired by tea. As a true tea enthusiast who believes in the truly transformative nature of tea, Courtney’s mission is to educate, inspire, and support women on their journey towards everyday wellbeing. As a champion for the empowerment and enrichment of women, Courtney relies on tea’s stellar 5,000-year reputation and research backed results to empower women to lead healthier lives. Prior to her foray into the world of tea, Courtney received a Bachelor of Arts in communications from The College of New Jersey and holds a Master of Science in education from Purdue University Global.

Courtney Alexandria
Candid Tea


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ABC 10 (Sacremento)

Candid Tea was featured for International Women's Day.

CBS 8 (San Diego)

Candid Tea was featured for National Napping Day.

KTLA 5 (Los Angeles)

Candid Tea was featured for National Sleeping Awareness Week.

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