Interested in Becoming a
Candid Tea
Brand Advocate?

We’re so glad you stopped by to learn more about our brand advocate program. Here at Candid Tea, we rely on tea’s stellar 5,000-year reputation and research backed results to empower women to lead healthier lives. We believe that adding tea to your daily wellness routine is a simple, healthy and affordable way to enhance a woman’s overall health & wellbeing. If you enjoy our products, align with our values and have a circle of IRL or digital acquaintances, friends, and/or family that you’d like to share them with, then we’d love for you to help spread our message and support our mission.

Candid Tea Brand Advocate Perks

  1. Welcome box of gooteas.
  2. Exclusive early access + discounts on new product launches
  3. Earn store credit (10% discount code to share with your circle & $5 store credit when they make their 1st purchase)
  4. Receive CT community member pricing
  5. Newsletter feature (quarterly)

Ashley R.

I’ve been a true supporter of Candid Tea since their launch in 2017. There are so many things to love about this company besides their superb products. What I admire most is their mission to empower women through simple, natural means and their Candid Tea Cares initiative. When I first heard about the launch of their brand advocate program, I immediately went to their website and applied. Now, not only do I support an amazing women-owned company - which I would have continued to do anyways - but I also get rewarded for it. A win-win if you ask me.