Our Story

It all started with a memory and a mission. Remembering the laughter, joy, and togetherness that she shared over a cup of tea with her family as a child, Founder and CEO, Courtney Alexandria, started Candid Tea as a way to share that same experience with other women, while empowering them to lead healthier lives.

What began as a novel approach to connect with women, spawned into a true passion for tea, and a thirst for knowledge regarding its ever-growing list of wellness benefits. Excited about the rave reviews, and research-backed results of this wondrous plant, Courtney enrolled into the World Tea Academy to become fully immersed in her tea education.

As she continues to learn about the wide varieties of teas – over 3,000 – and tisanes, she has decided to bring women along with her on this enlightening journey. It is her belief that empowered women, empower women, and she knows that raising awareness about the value of tea will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Our Philosophy


With the understanding that women deserve the best that life has to offer, we’re committed to providing only the most luxurious teas, ensuring consistent premium quality and robust-aromatic flavor. From traditional tea blends to our own candid creations – coming soon – we’re truly devoted to supplying teas that are healthful, helpful, and heavenly.

Our Values

Superb Sourcing

Our teas are selected from an USDA NOP Certified Organic tea importer that follows the most stringent food safety standards. Sourced globally from the world’s top 10% tea farmers, our chemical free luxury teas are ethically manufactured, and of exceptional quality. They are collected during seasonal peak periods to ensure optimal freshness and sustained premium quality.

Premium Packaging

We use resealable and recyclable pouches with transparent backing. With just a glance you’ll notice that our teas are either loose – coming soon – or in pyramid bags made from Soilon, a biodegradable material made from cornstarch.

Candid Commitment

Trust and friendship are of the utmost importance, which is why we promise to keep things candid with you. We strive to bring you unparalleled tea experiences and broaden your tea horizons in support of our commitment to help you lead a healthier life.

Our Products