The Perfect After Dinner Drink

Unlike fruit juices, soda, and coffee, tea – as you’ve probably guessed – is the perfect after dinner drink. A tradition known as High Tea, – which originated with the rural and working-class British who would return to their homes around 6:00 p.m. for a meal, and a hot pot of tea, – has since become a somewhat modified but widely popular practice among Americans. In fact, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water.

Tea is highly regarded for several reasons; it’s an all-natural beverage that contains no sodium, fat, carbonation, or sugar. In addition to being a naturally calorie-free drink, tea contributes to total water intake to promote hydration, contains biomolecules which have antioxidant properties, helps to elevate metabolic rate, maintains proper fluid balance, and contributes to overall good health.

As a tea lover myself, I enjoy the caffeine free benefits. Tea has become a ritual for me as I consume it both morning and night. Having had my fair share of tea, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite after dinner beverages.


Now, anyone that knows me well, will tell you that I don’t drink chamomile tea because I’m allergic; but I’ve added it to the list because my husband and sister, like many others, have experienced the sleep inducing powers that it possesses. In addition to it being a go-to sleep aid, it’s also known for its stomach issue recuperating properties which makes it a terrific non-alcoholic digestif.


Reddish orange in color, this herbal tea is infused with lemon making it an invigorating, caffeine free delight. Rooibos unique compounds help to reduce stress and inhibit fat-storage hormones within the body. I like to drink a cup of this after a delicious hearty meal.


This tea is among my nightly rotation. I enjoy the overall balance and comfort that it brings to the entire body. Comprised of herbs and flowers such as Peppermint, Ginger, Spearmint, Osmanthus, and Hibiscus, this tea provides a calming effect, has relaxing qualities, and aids in digestion. If ever your food doesn’t agree with you, try a cup of this Ayurvedic blend.


This herb and fruit tea is a customer favorite. The blueberry flavor, elderberry pieces, and apple infusion makes this tea very enjoyable all by itself. With a full flavored fruity taste, this tea could serve as a healthy liquid dessert. Perfect choice for someone who’s on a diet but craving something sweet.

What are some of your favorite after dinner or nighttime teas?

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