Detox Teas: Buy or Beware?

Detox teas or Teatoxes as we like to call them seem to be all the rage right now. Tea companies are popping up all over Instagram and Facebook boasting their tummy tightening and get fit quick solutions by simply sipping a cup or two of tea. As a company that believes in the magic of research-backed medicinal plants, herbs, and spices through tea, we asked the question: should women buy or beware?

In looking at several companies, we came across quite a few red flags that we thought you should be aware of. Tea, including herbals, are wondrous all by themselves. They’re loaded with all kinds of vital nutrients, minerals, trace elements, and antioxidants that your body needs to run smoothly, so additional additives like citric acid and sea salt are unnecessary fillers in dry tea blends especially when added in very small amounts. Don’t get sidetracked by words like all natural, organic, gluten free and NON-GMO; check the ingredients anyway.

Another discovery that made us go hmm, were the herbs they use to keep these flat stomach, energy boosting promises. Almost all of them use Senna leaf which is a fantastic natural herb with digestive stimulating properties. So where in lies the problem? These companies advertise gentle herbs with mild detoxing effects and Senna is anything but; it’s actually a very powerful herb. So much so that it is used in several over-the-counter (OTC) laxative, stool-softening and constipation relief medications.

Some of the most popular OTC drugs that include Senna are Ex-lax, Colace, and Senokot to name a few. And if you look at the directions on the back, you’ll see that they all recommend use for up to 7 days, which brings us to our next “smh” revelation. Most of the tea regimens these companies prescribe are for at least 2-weeks and up to one month which can in turn cause long-term organ issues, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances among other life-altering changes. For a more in-depth breakdown of how these type of teas can negatively affect your body, read this rarticle.

Now that you have the facts, what’s a girl to do? We have a couple of suggestions for you. We know how unflattering and uncomfortable excess water weight, bloat, and a sluggish digestive system can be, but we also know that a little physical activity, a nutrient-dense diet, and proper hydration - H2O and tea without the fluff- can help restore typical belly woes.

In fact, drinking green, oolong or black tea - due to their higher caffeine content - is a great way to boost your metabolism, stimulate your digestive enzymes, and increase your energy. Both green and oolong tea have been raved about for their weight-loss benefits; oolong has also been noted for helping to suppress the appetite. For a “just as good” caffeine alternative try rooibos. It’s a fat storage eliminator and beloved by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, and Adriana Lima to name a few.

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