Candid Teas: The Identitea Collection

 Drinking tea was one of my favorite pastimes as a child. On Saturday mornings, my mom, my sister, my cousin Chrissy, and I would sit around the kitchen table with our jelly toast and cups of tea, laughing, and talking for hours –old soul I know. Those moments created experiences that I’ll treasure forever. What’s a conversation without a good cup of tea or a teatail for that matter? In thinking beyond the product, one of the most important goals was to provide a meaningful social impact while also genuinely representing what the Candid Tea brand stands for –helping women boost their overall well-being.

During a late night of tea sampling, the IdentiTea line was born. This collection was inspired by the women in my life and the ones that I’ve interacted with over the years. I realized that like these women, each tea is comprised of different spices and ingredients to create a unique flavor – dissimilar yet equal, and defined by a one-of-a-kind design. To create a product line with purpose, I aimed to achieve three things:


Women, myself included, spend years trying to perfect their innate character flaws. Many of us have wished and prayed to lead lives like the women we most adore, instead of embracing our own unique traits. To highlight the beauty of individuality, I created tea identities with the sole intention of women learning to accept their distinctive personas.


Whether it’s due to mainstream media or upbringing, we all have preconceived notions about what defines a person’s worth. We often consider their career, their salary, their job title, their education etc., to determine their perceived level of significance. Tea Tales were created to change the narrative, broaden perspectives, and demonstrate value in people who don’t often adhere to the status quo.


For me, drinking tea has always been a nice accompaniment with a breakfast danish, a good book, a morning meeting etc., but it never provided true intrinsic value. When I developed this line, I did so with the belief that it would help change mindsets, boost self-esteem, and inspire positive action.

Supporting and encouraging other women is a true passion of mine and I truly enjoyed creating a line that displayed many of our defining character traits. I look forward to adding more characters in the future and I would love your input. What other identities would you like to see added to the lineup?

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